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Kenmore Trade Group

Get in touch with Saturn Barter Company if you are interested in joining a trade group where your Kenmore, WA business can grow while connecting with other enterprises and organizations.

The unique thing about our Kenmore trade group is that it works on the ancient barter system. We help you sell your products or services to other business owners who are members of our Kenmore trade group. The sale earns you Saturn Barter trade dollars that can be utilized for purchasing anything you need from the Kenmore trade group member businesses.

Joining our barter network helps you connect with potential customers you might not have had otherwise. You can preserve your cash by purchasing several essential products and services from the members of our:

  • Trading group
  • Group trade
  • Trading and marketing group
  • Barter trading platform

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Kenmore Trade Broker

We offer the services of a certified Kenmore trade broker to every member of our business barter exchange. Our trade broker uses their expertise and experience to help the trade group members grow and expand their businesses not just nationally, but also internationally.

Count on our Kenmore trade broker to work diligently to promote your product/service and give you excellent barter opportunities. The dedicated Kenmore trade broker keeps a complete, up-to-date record of your transactions at our platform and provides itemized monthly statements. You can feel free to contact our Kenmore trade broker with any questions or requests you may have in regards to our barter network.

Reach out to us to learn more about the services provided by our:

  • Business broker
  • Purchasing agent
  • IRTA broker
  • Trading agent

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Kenmore Barter Network

We established the Kenmore barter network in 2009, and have grown since then to include hundreds of businesses of different types and sizes. The diverse membership of our Kenmore barter network includes doctors, dentists, attorneys, plumbers, painters, general contractors, landscapers, tree companies, restaurants, web developers, auto repair shops and more.

At our Kenmore barter network, we are happy to offer all like-minded small, medium and large businesses a chance to come together for barter trading. We operate an ethical and transparent Kenmore barter network managed by seasoned professionals.

If you are looking for an innovative opportunity for increasing business revenue, join our:

  • Barter exchange network
  • Barter trade network
  • Trade exchange
  • Barter trading system

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