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Shoreline Rock Walls

Are you planning to increase the curb appeal of your property with the installation of rock walls in your Shoreline, WA yard? Browsing the web to check out the local contractors that specialize in rock wall construction? Thankfully, it is time to stop searching!

Founded in 1998, Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree has grown to become the expert to rely on for installing Shoreline rock walls and rockeries. While there is no doubt that a rockery wall makes a significant addition to the aesthetics of any yard, the installation of Shoreline rock walls is also done for increasing the efficiency of outdoor spaces.

Our services are available for design and construction of ornamental as well as functional Shoreline rock walls. Make us your first and only call for:

  • Decorative rock wall installation
  • Rock retaining wall construction
  • Privacy rock wall building
  • Stone boundary wall construction

Call Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree for installing Shoreline rock walls!

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Shoreline Rockeries

Everyone will agree that Shoreline rockeries make beautiful focal points in any yard. Rockeries add a dash of rustic natural beauty to the landscape. Besides their rugged look, the muted hues of Shoreline rockeries makes a beautiful, eye-catching contrast to the lush, colorful plantings.

We love designing and installing Shoreline rockeries for property owners who want their yards to become the attraction of their neighborhood. Our company employs technicians with vast experience in constructing Shoreline rockeries of all types and sizes.

Our crew can create mini rockeries in pots as well as elaborate rock gardens. We can make rockeries having just stones and boulders as well as rockeries combining boulders, plants and water features.

Contact us if you are interested in:

  • Rockery around a tree
  • Front garden rockery
  • Rockeries for small gardens
  • Evergreen rockery
  • Modern rockery

Call Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree for construction of Shoreline rockeries!

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Shoreline Rock Wall Construction

We are known for having unmatched expertise in Shoreline rock wall construction. The residential and commercial owners who hire us for Shoreline rock wall construction in their yard can breathe easy throughout the job, knowing that it is in capable, reliable and safe hands.

 All of our Shoreline rock wall construction work is done diligently using top-quality materials. Our technicians consider all relevant factors like site prep and drainage arrangement while doing Shoreline rock wall construction. They strive to build beautiful, sturdy and durable rock walls.

Hire us today to install:

  • Boulder wall
  • Stone wall
  • Rockery wall
  • Limestone wall
  • Basalt rock wall

Call Seattle Land, Rock, & Tree for Shoreline rock wall construction!

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