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Seattle Flat Sawing


Having competent technicians is important but using the proper equipment is essential to getting any Seattle flat sawing job completed with the highest levels of precision. No one understands this better than we do.

Our company has been prooviding Seattle flat sawing for concrete and asphalt surfaces by providing quality workmanship to the residents. In order to help our technicians do all the Seattle slab sawing work correctly, we provide them cutting-edge sawing equipment.

Come to us for:

  • Concrete slab sawing
  • Slab sawing companies
  • Concrete flat sawing
  • Sawing concrete slab

No matter how simple or intricate Seattle flat sawing work is required to take your concrete repair, removal or construction project forward, rely on us to do it to your satisfaction.

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Seattle Exterior Slab Sawing


Our company takes pride in being recognized as the best source to meet the Seattle exterior slab sawing needs of the residents. We are equipped to provide flat sawing services for any residential or commercial application.

Some of the applications our Seattle exterior slab sawing services are used include exterior utility repair or installation and pavement or highway repair.

We offer:

  • Sidewalk and Driveway repair
  • Cut basement concrete
  • Precision sawing of concrete
  • Chain and hand concrete sawing

Need a free estimate for your flat sawing job in Seattle? Have any other questions about our Seattle exterior slab sawing? Get in touch with our company today!

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Seattle Slab Sawing


Our services are available for sawing of damaged or otherwise unnecessary sections from asphalt or concrete pavement, floor, bridge deck, road, sidewalk and more.

Concrete slab sawing, also called flat sawing, and is the preferred method used for modifying pre-installed flat, horizontal surfaces. It involves diamond cutting done through a flat saw blade mounted on a walk-behind sawing machine.

The finesse with which Seattle slab sawing work in your property is done impacts the functionality of the remaining slab. If not done properly it can affect the remaining flat surface and lead to additional expenses for the project. Your Seattle slab sawing job will be done correctly when you use our technicians who are highly skilled.

we cater to the following:

  • Concrete Cutting
  • Concrete Sawing
  • Concrete Boring
  • Asphalt Sawing

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