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Need help transporting your frozen goods, milk, or meat in Tacoma, WA? One of the leading Tacoma container specialists, Genco Technical Services, is the first company to rely on. They provide proper equipment to make your refrigerator storage successful. Reefer containers need to maintain a specific cold temperature. As a Tacoma container specialist, we are an authorized dealer for Daikin, Carrier, Star Cool, ThermoKing, and Transicold.

We have experience as a Tacoma Container specialist for over 50 years. All technicians working at our factory are well disciplined and highly trained. As a Tacoma Container Specialist, we provide both static storage and transportation.

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  • Shipping refrigerator specialist
  • Purchase reefer container
  • Lease reefer container
  • Genset reefer container

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Tacoma Refrigerated Shipping Container

If you are looking for a Tacoma refrigerated shipping container in area, this is the right place. As a refrigerator company, you must maintain a perfect cold temperature while transporting perishable products. Our Tacoma refrigerated shipping container has a perfect Genset setup. As a pioneer in OEMS, you can request new equipment customized especially for you.

Tacoma refrigerated shipping container is available for lease. Our products are sold at affordable prices, yet there is an option for leasing or refurbishing gensets. We have highly skilled technicians with immense knowledge to disassemble, clean, assemble, and paint used gensets. You will not face any discomfort or delay transporting from point A to Point B using a Tacoma refrigerated shipping container.

We offer:

  • Refrigerator container services
  • Reefer shipping container
  • Refrigerator shipping container rental
  • Refurbish refrigerator shipping container

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Tacoma Refrigerated Container

It would be best if you always relied on a trusted option to transport your reefers. Tacoma refrigerated container will safely take your products to the desired location. However, a trip from one place to another for a container is exceptionally rugged. Also, Tacoma refrigerated container may go through the loading and unloading process through forklifts. That’s the reason we do regular maintenance and keep track of the service records up to date.

Call us for an appointment if your reefer container is under repair in the Tacoma region. Our Tacoma refrigerated container will get your reefers back on track. For a complete package of moving your refrigerator containers without power disruption, choose our Tacoma refrigerated container service.

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  • Shipping frozen food
  • Genset services
  • Buy or lease gensets
  • Buy or lease refrigerator containers

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