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Burien Concrete Floor Repair


We strive to provide concrete grinding services that meet your Burien concrete floor repair needs and leave you with a pleasant service experience. We go all out to extend exceptional concrete grinding services that offer everything you expect from professionals you hire for a Burien concrete floor repair.

When you hire our concrete grinding services to have your damaged or rough floor leveled, rest assured of experiencing 100% satisfaction that comes with free estimates and fair prices.

Our specialties include:

  • Repair concrete garage floor
  • Sidewalk and Driveway repair
  • Concrete floor crack repair
  • Industrial concrete polishing

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Burien Concrete Grinding Services


Repairing floors is just one aspect of the Burien concrete grinding services that we offer in the area. Our concrete grinding services are comprehensive and can be hired for smoothing any indoor or outdoor concrete surface to increase its:

  • Beauty
  • Functionality
  • Safety & reliability
  • Life

Regardless of the surface we work on, we strive for perfection in Burien concrete grinding services. We are staffed by vigorously-trained technicians who perform Burien concrete grinding services with meticulous attention to detail. No matter how deteriorated, cracked and bumpy the surface is, our Burien concrete grinding services are designed to return it to its original smooth appearance.

Need concrete grinding services for Burien concrete floor repair or leveling any other concrete surface in your home or commercial property?

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Burien Concrete Grinding


When it comes to hiring concrete grinding services for concrete floor repair, the residents of Burien, WA should look no further than Seattle Land, Rock & Tree. A concrete cutting and sawing company, we offer highly-specialized Burien concrete grinding services to level uneven floors for the purpose of repairing and restoring them.

Our Burien concrete grinding services cater to residential and commercial concrete floor repair needs. We are focused on completing every Burien concrete grinding job to the highest levels of precision.

We take pride in our hard-earned reputation for top-notch Burien concrete grinding that leads to flawless concrete floor repair and restoration. To sustain and grow the excellent standing, we handle all Burien concrete grinding jobs with cutting-edge machines and persistent commitment to quality.

Connect with us for:

  • Concrete surface grinding
  • Concrete grinding machine
  • Concrete wall grinding
  • Floor grinding

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