MorTechUSA PC & Mac Support
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Quick response, professional, and fixed my problem. Highly recommend!!!
Bits & Chips Computer Services
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So, I first contacted a highly advertised, national computer repair “Squad”. That business first gave me remote “help” (from employees outside the USA)—and eventually scheduled me an appointment at one of the company’s physical locations in the US, for in-person support. Their remote “help” had only made things worse—and, then, without even starting my computer, their in-person staff told me the problem couldn't be solved and I should get a new laptop. I was not happy when I left that store. As I drove home, I calmed down and decided to try to find and try out one more repair place before giving up. I requested help on Thumbtack and David, at Bits & Chips”, responded within the hour. He looked into my laptop remotely and said my problem was caused by a well known, solvable issue. He assured me that he was absolutely certain my laptop could be fixed – and gave a quote that was so low that it would have been crazy not to give his repair a try. As it turned out, David worked on my laptop (remotely), on and off, for days. That work included but not limited to removing and reinstalling one corrupted file after another. I watched on my screen as he gradually undid the harm caused by Microsoft and the previous “repairs”. Each night, when Microsoft assaulted my computer, we tested the outcome of that day’s work. Yes, it took days to resolve all the corruption issues--but each day he assured me that these could and would be resolved—and that he would stick to his initial, very low price. I felt he deserved more than he was charging me and I even offered to buy him a gift-but he insisted that wasn’t necessary. It’s been several days now since the cycling has ended. My laptop once again has a decent amount of memory and I am typing this review on that laptop—all thanks to David and “Bits & Chips”. What can I add? Nothing but kudos to David and his business.
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my computer! I would highly recommend working with Gene, as it was an amazing experience and if I have another problem I will definitely return to him
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Abc Computers Plus is a Sioux Center Computer Service company servicing your local area in Sioux County IA, 51250.

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Sioux Center Computer Services

Abc Computers Plus is a local Sioux Center Computer Services area business. Utilize the contact form below this profile on so we can help answer any questions you may have.

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