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Why Colon Therapy?

Colon hydrotherapy helps maintain a healthy colon. A brief summary of some general benefits:

  • Sends water through the entire length of the colon, relieving constipation and cleansing it of accumulated toxins. Prevents waste material from being absorbed into the body.
  • Breaks down and removes any mucoid plaque – hardened mucus with trapped undigested food, bacteria, parasites, and other toxins.
  • Reshapes a distorted colon – over time, with the accumulation of fecal matter and other toxins, the colon may become misshapen. Removal of the toxic matter along with massage can help return it to healthier form.
  • Promotes a sense of well-being.
  • Strengthens immunity.

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Colon Hydrotherapy Tacoma


The colon is one of the largest organ of elimination and colon hydrotherapy is used to help eliminate toxins from the system.

Colon Hydrotherapy works to eliminate buildup of compacted matter and toxic waste in the colon. A buildup of old, fecal waste can also block proper digestion, nutrient absorption, waste elimination and provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and parasites. Colonic hydrotherapy will flush out these bad toxins, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

?The health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy include:

  • Improved muscle tone of the colon
  • Reduced toxic waste
  • Increased digestive function
  • Hydration
  • Increases elimination of parasites, bad bacteria and fungi
  • Clears the lymphatic system


Colon Hydrotherapy is referred to as Colonics or colon irrigation. These are names for hydrotherapy which uses water for inner cleansing. There is no discomfort, no internal pressure, just a steady gentle flow in and out of the colon.  A soothing flow of purified warm water is instilled gently into the colon through a disposable colon cleansing speculum. The speculum is easily inserted to cleanse (evacuate) the contents of your colon. Your dignity is always maintained! Your therapist is trained and certified. The system is designed to allow evacuation of the contents of the colon during the administration of colon hydrotherapy.  These Professional Colon Hydrotherapy Devices have systems, that the pressure, temperature, and flow of water, are all safely regulated throughout the session.

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Colon Irrigation Tacoma


Healthy Digestive Tract

Colon hydrotherapy is the perfect procedure to eliminate constipation and restore normal bowel function. A lot of disease comes from imbalances in the colon, as manifested by inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis, autoimmune diseases, allergies, multiple sclerosis, and certainly constipation. Such imbalances can be corrected by means of colon hydrotherapy, herbal supplements, and diet.


When your digestive tract is healthy, it will give you 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. Most people are not aware of this fact. Colon therapy will improve the health of your digestive tract. Transit time is the time it takes for your body to expel your food after it is eaten. The shorter the transit time, the less food will putrefy before being expelled from your body. A healthy body will normally have a transit time of between 24 to 48 hours. The average transit time for the Western population is 60 to 100 hours. Because of this slow transit time due to processed foods, the walls of your colon become encrusted with un-eliminated waste. The average person can carry up to 10 pounds of old waste in his/her colon.

If you are not having 2 to 3 bowel movements per day, you should consider yourself constipated. Constipation occurs when bowel movements are infrequent or difficult. Constipation is a condition warning you that your colon is not functioning properly.

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