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Brewery Tour Bus Yakima

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Hop on the Little Hopper bus for the Yakima's funnest Brewery Tour and great local tasting experience. Sit back and relax as the you let the Little Hopper provide you insider access to the best breweries in Yakima, WA.

Leave relaxed and refreshed as you cruise through Yakima Valley Hop Country to the next great Yakima Brewery in a state of elation with your friends and family as you ride along the greatest brewery tour bus the Yakima Valley has to offer and that's our very own Little Hopper.

Gain a new appreciation for the Yakima Valley along the way and receive a behind the scene access that only the Little Hopper beer bus can provide as a popular Yakima Brewery Tour Bus destination for all the Yakima Valley brewery businesses.

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Brewing Tour Bus Yakima

Reliable Keyword in WA near 83704
  When most people think of the hopping on the Little Hopper beer bus and going on a brewing tour through the Yakima Hop Country they think only of wine. In fact, the Yakima Valley is home to some great wine tours but you are signing up today for a brewing tour at some of Washington States best microbreweries.

  • Guided Tours
  • Taprooms
  • Private Charters
  • Corporate Events
  • Private Rentals

These local breweries are not only located right here in the Yakima Valley and run from one end of the valley to the other but once you hop on the Little Hopper you get to experience some of the best breweries in right here in our very own State and ride in comfort and laugh with your friends and be safe all along the way.

You will be in a top of the line brewing tour chartered bus that has one goal in mind and that is to take you to one brewery  after another right here in the Yakima Valley.  The best part is you can  hop off at any destination along the way!

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Beer Tours Bus Yakima

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 HOP ON - HOP OFF Beer Tour Bus 


Each HOP ON Beer Tour Bus – HOP OFF Beer Tour Bus loop route includes 4 or 5 breweries, stopping every 45 – 60 minutes at each location. The Little Hopper picks you up at your chosen starting point to check you in and you are ready to HOP ON Beer Tour Bus and HOP OFF Beer Tour Bus  as you like!


 For clients, team building, or celebrations we can help coordinate and chart your course for local craft beverages, restaurants, and activities in the Yakima Valley! The possibilities are endless and a good time is guaranteed!

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