Best Carpet Cleaning for the Tacoma Area • Carpet Cleaning Special Prices

The community of Tacoma, WA has several carpet cleaning companies and all claim to be the best carpet cleaner in the region. This might make one wonder who actually is the finest carpet cleaner of the lot!

At Genesis Carpet Care, we believe that a truly professional carpet cleaner steers clear of tall claims and lets the work speak for itself. That is why we depend on our carpet cleaning and rug cleaning expertise to earn us more business and a solid reputation in the carpet cleaning Tacoma industry.

We have invested in hard-working, IICRC-certified carpet cleaning technicians and state-of-the-art truck-mounted carpet cleaner equipment to ensure

  • Thoroughly clean carpets/rugs
  • Healthy indoors in Tacoma properties
  • Happy customers

Our quality carpet and rug cleaning services are supplemented by affordable prices and friendly customer care. The combination makes our every Tacoma customer a lifelong patron.


Rug Cleaning Company Serving Tacoma Carpet Stains

Not many people in Tacoma would consider carpet or rug cleaning a specialized job. They don’t know that an amateur carpet cleaner can severely damage a rug/carpet. Every rug/carpet has individual qualities that call for specific rug cleaning or carpet cleaning Tacoma services. An expert carpet cleaner can identify the rug/carpet fibers, evaluate the severity of carpet stains and determine the best way of carpet or rug cleaning.

Therefore, people who want their carpets and rugs to look good and last long should avoid carpet cleaner rentals and hire professional carpet cleaning Tacoma services. We are a leading carpet cleaning company that Tacoma home and business owners can trust. We deliver high quality carpet and rug cleaning results with our

  • Right rug cleaning solutions
  • Correct rug cleaning methods
  • Proper rug cleaning equipment


Professional Carpet Cleaning vs. Carpet Cleaner Rental Best Prices

The do-it-yourself enthusiasts in Tacoma might find the idea of carpet cleaner rentals attractive, but the fact is that using the carpet cleaner is not really easy. Instead, hire our knowledgeable rug cleaning experts who are trained to handle the complex carpet cleaning machines. Property owners can count on our carpet cleaning Tacoma professionals to

  • Work fast
  • Clean rugs/carpets effectively
  • Speed up carpet/rug drying
  • Leave the property clean and safe

Forget the carpet cleaner rentals and enjoy clean and sanitized rugs and carpets by hiring our professional carpet or rug cleaning services. Call us for a free carpet cleaning estimate today!


When it comes to professional carpet cleaning in Tacoma, Genesis Carpet Care is the name to know. Call (253) 777-4887.