Adjustable Spice Cabinets

Your time in the kitchen should be spent more in creating delectable dishes, and less in searching for the required spices and seasonings!

Make sure of that by investing in spice cabinets. Spice cabinets are great for storing your herbs, condiments and flavors in a neat and organized manner. And, spice cabinets give you easy access to the spices you need while cooking even as the easy visibility helps you keep a check on the things you have and the stuff you are running out of.

Kitchens actually seem incomplete without spice cabinets as these compact storage places improve the efficiency of the cooking area.

Come to ZIPcabs for endless options in spice cabinets to keep your spice collection organized. We strive to provide you with spice cabinets that are ideal for your storage needs and compliment your kitchen/pantry d├ęcor beautifully.

Therefore, we offer unique custom spice cabinet units that are

  • Exquisitely crafted and elegant
  • Space-saving
  • Adjustable

Custom Spice Cabinet to Hold Big and Small Spice Containers

The flexible, modifiable design of our custom spice cabinet sets it apart from many other spice cabinets on the market.

Spice containers come in different shapes and sizes. Obviously, fitting them in on the shelves of spice cabinets might pose a problem. But, not when you get your custom spice cabinet made by us.

Our custom spice cabinet comes with shelves that are not fixed in particular positions. You can move the shelves anywhere up and down the side walls of the custom spice cabinet as per your requirement and lock them securely there. We offer countertop custom spice cabinet units as well as wall/door mounted spice cabinets.

Thus, our custom spice cabinet allows

  • Optimum kitchen space utilization
  • Maximum cabinet space utilization
  • Aesthetically-pleasing display and storage of spices

Quality Spice Cabinet at Affordable Rates

We believe that our customers deserve nothing less than the best in spice cabinets. That is why we take care that the best of products go into making every custom spice cabinet. We use solid oak for the custom spice cabinet frames and employ highly trained carpenters who are proven masters of their trade.

It is also our belief that everyone has a right to quality spice cabinets and so, we price our custom spice cabinet most affordably, with no extra charge for customization. You can rely on us for custom spice storage units that offer the best in

  • Craftsmanship
  • Pricing
  • Utility
  • Durability

Call ZIPcabs at (206) 439-0338 for more details about custom spice cabinet units.