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Airbnb-West-Palm-Beach-FL Planning a quick weekend or summer vacation getaway to West Palm Beach, Florida? Check out  this waterfront West Palm Beach Airbnb  for the finest restaurants, beaches, golf courses and adventures in Florida. Relax and lounge across a huge back yard with mango and avocado trees on resort quality outdoor furniture. The Travel Giant is a top rated tropical oasis.  You will find very few higher quality West Palm Beach Airbnb rentals in South Florida, in this Airbnb's price range. An inter-coastal salt water lake, boat lift, heated pool, hot tub, organized kitchen, free parking and air conditioning, everything you looking for under same roof at the Travel Giant's West Palm Beach Airbnb.

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Our West Palm Beach Airbnb has everything you need to stay for any season, creating ultimate beach experience. Check out our beautifully kept treasures to chill out, relax and have a great time. Amenities included:

  • Swimming pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Water view
  • 3 Flatscreen TV's
  • Own driveway
  • Complete Indoor & Outdoor Home Stereo System

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West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals

Rent-Airbnb-West-Palm-Beach-FL Stare poolside at palm tree's and tropical trees, plants and flowers all day if you book The Travel Giant's West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals property. Our West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals provides easy access to great beaches, restaurants, scuba diving, luxurious yachts, fishing, surfing and all kinds of adventures. At The Travel Giant our West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals option, provides great living spaces, stylish entertaining areas, and ultimate comfort and satisfaction.  If you enjoy playing music we have a Baby Grand Piano, a guitar, trumpet so just bring anything else and enjoy your love for music looking over South Lake an inter-coastal salt water lake that connects you to the Atlantic Ocean.

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Relax with the magnificent sunset and receive clean spacious bedrooms, park your cars and boat at The Travel Giant's West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals services. Bring your boat for a spot of local fishing with boat ramp close by and enjoy the stay with West Palm Beach Airbnb Rentals.

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West Palm Beach Short Term Rentals

Air-Bnb-House-Rentals-West-Palm-Beach-FL A family retreat at the Travel Giant offers West Palm Beach Short Term Rentals for vacation travelers.  This property is ideal for the vacation that you were looking for. We offer a 2000 SQ FT Home, 3 guest rooms, highspeed internet connections, 3 Flat Screen televisions, work desks, coffee makers, and much more by our West Palm Beach Short Term Rentals Service. There are so many nearby activities for kids.  For adults golf and tennis is everywhere and spa and salons are abundant, book your visit at our West Palm Beach Airbnb House Rentals before someone else does.

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Whatever you are looking for in a vacation stay, we give you the best Airbnb House Rentals service. Enjoy and relax your time:

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  • Private beach
  • Hot tub
  • Salt Water Lake House

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